Tell Us Your Story!

If you have a story about how MPCC has impacted your life, we want to know! Your story may inspire someone who is going through their own struggles to seek help and write a success story of their own!

These questions below can help us to find a starting point in exploring the events and decisions that led you from the life you lived before to the one you have now in Christ. These questions are designed to get you thinking retrospectively and frame them in a way that you may not be used to. We don't need you to necessarily "give a testimony", we just think that the positive changes in your life may be a story worth sharing. 

Please fill out the following questions with as much detail as you feel comfortable giving. Please be as real and candid as possible. There's no judgement! We'd just like to define as clearly as possible where you were before, and where you are now–even if you feel that your story is a work in progress and not necessarily a "success" story just yet. In fact, honest stories and self-evaluation like that can be the most helpful!

Thank you for your time and for helping our church to maximize our positive impact in our community!

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In which ministries have you been involved?
Have you ever volunteered to help in an event or with services at R2R or MPCC?