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It all started when...

A small group of believers chose to sacrifice church as they knew it to reach the next generation...

A legacy is that which is passed on to future generations. For 2,000 years, the church has only been able to survive and thrive because of the legacy of faith and faithfulness that has been handed down from one generation to the next. We at Mesilla Park have been left with an awesome legacy. Because of the vision, sacrifice and determination of 38 faithful church members, a dying church was transformed into a thriving fellowship that has touched the lives of thousands of people in the name of Christ. Through many of these precious saints have passed from this life, their legacy continues and is growing. 

Now it is our turn. Our turn to leave a legacy of faith and faithfulness for generations to come. Our turn to be intentional about leaving a legacy that will far outlast our lives on this earth. It is our turn to be a link in the chain joining the legacies past to leagues future. A key part of this legacy is to continue to build out the worship and ministry center that we have been been entrusted with, that will be used now and by future generations to reach more, disciple more, serve more and bless more in the name of Jesus Christ.

...What Will Be Your Legacy? 

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As those who came before me did for us, I will do whatever it takes to leave a Legacy of faith in Christ for future generations. I will give generously and sacrificially of my time, talents, resources and myself to build, not just a church building, but a Church.