Christians Face a Culture of Fear, and Intimidation in U.S. Military! The Family Research Council (FRC) released a video warning Americans about the persecution of U.S. troops who express their Christian faith. “Soldiers give up a lot of privileges or rights to be soldiers and defend the freedom of others,” says one soldier in the video, “But certainly the free exercise of religious freedom is not one of them.” "Defending America's freedom shouldn't mean surrendering theirs,” he said, “especially given that the Constitution they have sworn to uphold guarantees religious liberty as all Americans' 'first freedom.’” Many soldiers say the powers-that-be in the U.S. military are “bound and determined to eradicate the military and its heritage of any references to our Christian heritage and Christian beliefs.”

“This kind of repression is crouching at the door of American churches,” one soldier says. “And if the people decide to do nothing they have only themselves to blame because they refused to act when action was warranted.” The FRC report, A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military,  was released in October, 2014. It documents more than 25 instances of religious persecution in the U.S. military.


Romans 12:7 AMP



[He whose gift is] practical service, let him give himself to serving; he who teaches, to his teaching.


1. Do I personally thank Military members for their service, understanding they each sacrifice for my freedoms?

2. Do I know anyone in the Military? If so, how do I support their faith, and prayerfully support them and their families?

3. Even though I do not currently serve in the Military, I am considered a Soldier of Christ. How then am I supposed to serve others and the cause of freedom in the lives who depend on my service? 

I do not have to be a "Teacher" to teach. By living a Godly example, and by living a life of virtuous behaviors I teach by my example alone. 

Ask God to search your heart and see if there is complacency in praying and helping our military brothers and sisters. Ask him for how you can help and make a difference.

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God we join in prayer with the Family Research Council and the Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition in giving honor and praying for our troops, and their selfless families, especially those who are being discriminated against for living out their faith. May they find refreshment in their daily spiritual and physical needs. Help Americans find courage and supportive resources to reach out to them by loving them as "we" would want to be loved.  (Insert any additional) In Jesus Name, Amen.