March 27 | Easter Celebration Service Schedule: 

 • 7:00 am - Volunteer Sunrise Service
   (volunteers only please, a sunrise breakfast will be served)
• 9:30 am - Brunch Begins
• 10:30 am - Celebration Worship Service Begins
   (If you are able to climb stairs, please help us by filling the floor seats prior to sitting in the bleachers)
• 12:15 pm - Easter Egg Hunt Begins
  (Please help us keep Centennial's campus beautiful by discarding all fake grass from your child's Easter basket prior to the Easter Egg Hunt)

Guest Info:

First time visiting with us?  Thanks for choosing to worship with us, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate Easter with you this year!  Be sure to stop by the Guest Center, located at the brunch & worship center entrances,  we would love to give you information about our church, a free goodie bag and a free movie ticket as our way of saying... "Thanks for joining us today!" If you have any questions that we can help answer for you prior to the event, please feel free to email us at:



Centennial High School
1950 Sonoma Ranch Blvd 


Located on the corner of Sonoma Ranch Blvd and Dripping Springs Road


Parking Information:

Campus Map:

Reserved Parking: 

When entering, please flash headlights at designated area to indicate to the parking attendant that you are a: Guest, Senior, Family with children or require handicap parking & you will be directed to the reserved parking areas.

General Parking: 

No action necessary for general parking. Parking attendants will guide you to the next available parking space

Volunteer Parking: 

Volunteer parking gates will be open from 6:45 am - 9 am

SonTown Children's Ministry Classes:

The Children's Classrooms will be color coded this year according to the map.  
Corresponding colored balloons will be hung in the hallways next to the classrooms, as well as signage hanging from the ceiling.  

The ages & colors are as follows: 
Pink: Birth - 1 year
Blue:  1-2 years
Green: 2-3 Years
Yellow: - 4-5 Years
Purple: K - 3rd Grade

* Classes for 4th & 5th graders will not be provided this week.  They are encouraged to attend the Celebration Service with their family.