Request classrooms, AV support, kid's classes & more

By filling out this form you'll be given the opportunity to request resources, spaces & support through Planning Center Online.  This step may take several days to be approved by all the ministries involved (AV, Children's Ministry, Etc).  Once you've received full approval from all areas, you may proceed to step 2. 

Need help? Here's a walk through on how to use Planning Center Resources to request spaces for an event. Click Here
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Communication coverage for your upcoming events

By filling out this form your event will be automatically added to the following communication outlets for the upcoming month as needed: 

1.  Printed Bulletin (As space allows. Once the bulletin is at max capacity, events will be removed based on the % of the church body the event applies to) 
2. Church App (guaranteed)
3. Church Website (guaranteed)
4. Pre-Service Announcements (guaranteed)
5. Video Announcements (Event must apply to 75%+ of the church body to be included in the video announcements - promo videos are designated for the ministry of the month)
6. Facebook & Instagram Posts (guaranteed)
7. Online Registration (as needed)
8. Custom Artwork for items 1-7 (as needed)
9. Submission to Local radio stations/newspapers (for community outreach events or public oriented support groups only) 

Only for individual project needs, do not fill this form out for event communications

*** Note: Depending on the work volume of the Creative Ministry Team, you may be referred to a recommended contractor.  For quality control all contractors must be approved by the Creative Team prior to producing church-wide distributed materials. Contractors will require a fee to be paid for their services from the ministries own budget. Any print or project costs will be automatically deducted from your ministries budget. 

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Communication Request Monthly Due Dates: