Communication coverage for your upcoming events

By filling out this form your event will be automatically added to the following communication outlets for the upcoming month as needed: 

1.  Printed Bulletin (As space allows. Once the bulletin is at max capacity, events will be removed based on the % of the church body the event applies to) 
2. Church App (guaranteed)
3. Church Website (guaranteed)
4. Pre-Service Announcements (guaranteed)
5. Video Announcements (Event must apply to 75%+ of the church body to be included in the video announcements - promo videos are designated for the ministry of the month)
6. Facebook & Instagram Posts (guaranteed)
7. Online Registration (as needed)
8. Custom Artwork for items 1-7 (as needed)
9. Submission to Local radio stations/newspapers (for community outreach events or public oriented support groups only) 

Only for individual project needs, do not fill this form out for event communications

*** Note: Depending on the work volume of the Creative Ministry Team, you may be referred to a recommended contractor.  For quality control all contractors must be approved by the Creative Team prior to producing church-wide distributed materials. Contractors will require a fee to be paid for their services from the ministries own budget. Any print or project costs will be automatically deducted from your ministries budget. 

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Communication Request Monthly Due Dates: